The Biggest Scam Running Right NOW!

CRYPTO FRAUD – A cryptocurrency scam is presently being run via YouTube and other channels under the heading “Meet the first digital giveaway”. The scammer(s) share videos of interviews with celebrities, including Elon Musk, and promise the public that they will double the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) that the public send to them.

The scammer(s) run a fake block explorer on a website to simulate transactions where they show how they return double the amount of BTC they allegedly received. This is all fake because the “giveaway” transactions do not appear on any real blockchain explorer. All blockchain transactions are irreversible, and given the fact that BTC presently trade at around $30 000 USD and that the scammer(s) request 0.1 BTC to be doubled for the :giveaway”, they are robbing people at a rate of around $3000 USD per transaction. That is a lot of money to lose.

Please be aware and do not get caught. This is seriously messed up.


  • One of the domains they use is
  • The alleged owner is Milton Dwyer (This is a fake identity)
  • The site DNS is registered with Cloudflare
  • The domain is registered in Hong Kong with NiceNic
  • Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
  • Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +86.07563366365
  • They run a fake YouTube channel called Tesla (Live)

You can Report a YouTube channel to Google.