Let’s Talk About You

Normal People

BLOGPOST – Today we are going to talk about you, yes, you the reader, the thinker, ponderer. You have been doing some self-reflection lately and maybe its because people have criticised you or you are still judging yourself because of whatever decision or lack of decision you have made.

How many mistakes did you make this year? Maybe more than you realise. Maybe you have not read the manual to life, whichever manual you have chosen, but you missed reading the instructions. Now you are thinking: I am tired, emotional, do not throw me with a book, just try and be kind and human towards me, that’s all I need. I feel like Job in the bible, down and out, I do not need more trouble than what I already have already.

Yes, you are right, you need a comforter, The Comforter, one who understands and cares for you, today is the day you need a shoulder to lean on. This is what He (The bible refers to the Comforter as a He) would do and say. Doing sometimes is having someone who cares for you, just be present. Yes present, no talking, analysing, reprimanding and maybe you can do the talking to start off with.

He is part of your conscience so you cannot fool him or lie to him. Maybe someone has wronged you and you walked away without responding with a wrong attitude, action or worlds, but maybe you tried to take revenge by trying to make a wrong right (for you) with a wrong response, so you are also in the wrong, maybe you feel its justified. Hardly ever do you ever think that you did something wrong, or it was that bad, but you hurt the person who wronged you with your response and now you are hurt more than what you started off with.

Yes you and I have complicated matters in the past more than what we should have. Our Egos need to be protected. We cannot allow others to harm us. Its always a fight, fighting for your rights, your goods, your name, there is always someone who wants to take something from you or hurt you, is it not so?

They are human and so are you.

You will only give so much of yourself and then you will stop, because you did not get the same in return. To a certain degree this is right, but not altogether. We all need to have boundaries. You need to know how much time, energy and money you are willing to commit to any kind of interaction or relationship you have. This time someone pushed their luck too far, pushed your boundaries and you snapped. Look, I know that I do not know you, but you are human. The book of Proverbs has a long list of boundaries it gives us, for example, it tells us honey is good to eat, but then it also says that too much honey is not good. We know that’s the same for wine, it makes the heart glad, but it can turn us into fools. Boundaries. If you sit at the bar, are you only going to leave when your purse is empty or when its closing time? The conversation always gets more exciting after a few drinks, but it can get dangerous too.

What people do not think as drugs these days are bigger drugs than what you think, because they do harm to the body. A friend came to visit the other day, stayed over a few days, he gave us chocolates and gave himself some too, he ate chocolates every day, I could see that his blood sugar had several dips, he had mood swings and continued to consume. The bible does not criticise chocolates as a word, but it does mention gluttony and that our bodies are the temple of God. This is one example. Sugar is the most addictive drug there is and to make things worse, it is legal. It heats the body up, it raises your acidity and causes inflammation. Does your pastor, minister or priest tell you that? If they do, thank them.

So, you are asking about me going off at a tangent about sugar and other things. I know, it does not make sense. But let me explain this to you, when you are emotional or upset, do you go and eat carrots and green juice ? Or do you go off on a binge and make things worse because what lands on the lips and is good to taste is an emotional boost, is it not? Is this why you are picking up weight?

You have heard of comfort food, comfort food is NOT the Comforter, that’s for sure, you know it. Finding comfort in alcohol is the wrong reason to drink it, because alcohol is full of sugar and when consumed in excess gives you mood swings, blood sugar drops and that in return makes you want to eat more food.

Been emotional is okay. It shows you are human. Accept it, write the thoughts and feelings down. You might get to know yourself better. Once you have written all those thoughts down, you are then looking in the mirror of your soul. You can reflect and find solutions not to stop them from happening in the future but to identify them and have better control over them when they happen again. We are sometime so very sensitive to others responses to us that we expect others to treat us the way we have been treated in the past. Its like casting a spell on someone and then it backfires on us. In the book of James, we read that our mouths have the power to bless or curse. The same mouth, just like a knife can do good, or harm. When you work with a knife, you work carefully and with respect.

Biting a persons tongue, is sometimes the best thing to do. Keep the knife locked up. It does more harm than the real knife that cut by mistake. Words can never be undone. They are there in our thoughts, they jump out of our mouths like an undisciplined child cannot help themselves. I have met thousands of adult children, they are just children in an old body. We will carry on with this conversation soon.