Baby Traders Course

In this course you will learn:

  • Why Crypto Trading is an excellent option to earn an income online?
  • What is Trading Crypto about?
  • Which Crypto Exchanges are trusted?
  • How to Deposit and Withdraw money from an exchange?
  • Essential Security Measures to safeguard your Crypto and Accounts.
  • 2 Step Authentication.
  • Trading Pointers.
  • What type of Traders are there?

This will be followed by practical lessons:

  • Practical Training Day 1 to 5
  • Repetition Training Day 1 to 5
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Baby Step Traders

Baby Traders 1.1


Baby Traders 1.2


Baby Traders 1.3


Baby Traders 1.4

Practical Lessons

Practical Training Day 1


Practical Training Day 2


Practical Training Day 3


Practical Training Day 4


Practical Training Day 5

Practical Repetition Lessons

Repetition Training Day 1


Repetition Training Day 2


Repetition Training Day 3


Repetition Training Day 4


Repetition Training Day 5

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