Crypto Level 1 Membership


Crypto Level 1 Membership includes the Baby Traders (South African) – Entry Level Traders Course for South Africans.


Baby Traders (South African) – Entry Level Traders Course for South Africans

We have had many people who either want to learn to trade (but whom are very scared, for whatever natural reasons) and want the guidance (like a kindergarten of trading, but slightly better) or someone to help them start making more profits, the easy way, yes, it’s so simple. Make 1-3% per week, happy? Want more? Yes, it’s possible. 4 hours theory and 2×2 hours practical.

This is a 12-module course of which you can start any time. It’s already online and ready to watch. We will cover things like:

  • Which Exchange to sign up with
  • How to Deposit funds
  • How to easily withdraw funds
  • How to use online wallets
  • No Brokers
  • Fee Structure
  • How much money to start off with
  • Candlestick basics
  • Security and 2FA
  • Gold, Silver and Crypto assets
  • Bull and Bear markets
  • Using the Trading view Toolbox
  • Order books
  • 25 possible coins to trade over time
  • Placing buy and sell orders
  • A few most vital indicators
  • Support and Resistance lines
  • Trading channels
  • The R.A.T system
  • Stable coins
  • Practical trades executed (Over 5 hours of recordings of practical trades)



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