Crypto Level 3 Membership


Crypto Level 3 Membership includes the Beginners BitBuyBit International Traders Course.


Beginners BitBuyBit International Traders Course

The Beginners BitBuyBit International Trader Course is the equivalent to Level 1 & Level 2 of our International Beginners course but gives you the focus of trading on the most reliable Crypto exchanges in the world. This course is suitable for both South African as well as international clients. Our traders are making anything from 1% to 25% per week depending on the time of the month and time of the year. If you are trading on any international exchange or planning to do so, this is what you need. We do not share the relevant exchanges until you sign up for the course.

An Overview – This is what you will learn in this course:

  • Which Exchange to sign up with
  • How to Deposit funds
  • How to easily withdraw funds
  • How to use online wallets
  • No Brokers
  • Fee Structure
  • How much money to start off with
  • Candlestick basics
  • Security and 2FA
  • Gold, Silver and Crypto assets
  • Bull and Bear markets
  • Using the Trading view Toolbox
  • Order books
  • 25 possible coins to trade over time
  • Placing buy and sell orders
  • A few most vital indicators
  • Support and Resistance lines
  • Trading channels
  • The R.A.T system
  • Stable coins
  • Practical trades executed (Over 5 hours of recordings of practical trades)
  • Moon phases
  • Seasons and times
  • Cup and Handle examples
  • Calculators and how to use them
  • Trading according to your available times
  • Combination of strategies
  • Moving funds between exchanges
  • Wholesaling vs Retailing in Trading
  • Different Trading Strategies with Penny Stocks
  • Penny Stock season expectations
  • Plenty of practical trading videos
  • A test to write at the end of the session

What Else to Expect after completion of the course:

  1. You will attend 2 Free Live 2-Hour online sessions of our Tradeathlon or get discount on our Full Event
  2. Participate on our Signals 3 Group for 1 month Free
  3. Be added to our Traders Family with regular Crypto news and interaction with other Traders



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