Crypto Level 6 Membership


Crypto Level 6 Membership includes the Astroscience BitBuyBit International Traders Course.

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Astroscience BitBuyBit Trader International Course

The BitBuyBit Astroscience is an extra addition for those who have wondered about the Moon Phases, planets and other scientific phenomenon and wondered how to apply the information to the markets. This is one of the most intense courses you will ever do. You will learn a lot about the bigger picture of life and how it affects the markets. The best thing about the Astroscience course is that you will be able to start knowing the news before it happens so there will be a lot fewer surprise. This course is suitable for both South African as well as international clients.

Some of what to expect in this course:

  • 7-year cycles
  • Traders in the near East
  • Wise men of the East
  • Numbers are Signals
  • Seasons and their changes
  • Plotting the markets forwards
  • Calendar assist
  • Muslim Holidays
  • Hindu Holidays
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Christian Holidays
  • Chinese Holidays and the effects in the market
  • Tower of Babel
  • Calendar dates and price changes
  • You will be able to download the course material in a PDF document
  • Over 8.5 Hours (519 minutes) Video Training to watch, pause, rewind repeatedly
  • Overview of Times and Seasons
  • Presidential Cycle



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